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55 Best Blog Niches 2021: Top Profitable Blog Niches Ideas

Hello Guys, welcome to another amazing article.

Today I’m going to share 55 best blog niches 2021 that you can really earn money from these niches.

Many people start blogging, and they want to earn money, but unfortunately, they can’t make money.

You know why?

Because they don’t know of their passion or interest, they do the same thing which is doing other peoples.

Without passion or interest, how can you succeed in your blogging journey?

The better thing is finding your interest, developing your passion around your interest, and then starting blogging.

What Is Blog Niche?

Lots of peoples always ask me, what is a blog niche? 

Guys, a blog niche is a specific topic that you will write (or create content) about on your blog. 

Wait… let me explain to you.

Suppose you have a blog about health-related and you write articles only on a health topic, so what is your blog niche? that is “health.”

When you write (or create) on a specific topic, the more chance to rank your keyword on google because google understands that your blog is dedicated to a specific topic.

If you write mixed content, like one day you write a health-related article, the next day you write on cooking, you can face more difficulty growing your blog.  

So always try to write on a specific topic that you can create trust among your audiences.

Why does blog niche matter for starting your blog?

If you are just looking to start your blog as a part-time or for learning purposes then blog niche doesn’t matter a lot.

However, if you want to start your blog as a business then you must keep in mind to choose a best blog niche because in blogging field all the thing depends on a blog niche,

Some niche may have more audience and low competition but on the other side, some niche may have more audiences and high competition.

Also, the blog niche decides how much you will earn from your blog and how much to grow your blog for the future.

So choosing the right niches is very crucial steps for every blogger.

How to choose the right and profitable blog niche?

I think this is the most challenging work to choose the right blog niche for you.

Yes, or Not?

Definitely YES, because when we are a newbie and want to start a blogging journey then we don’t have any ideas how to start a blog and choose the right and profitable blog niche. 

Some people start their blog in a hurry, when they don’t even know which topic to write, in such condition, they start writing on any topic, and finally, they have to skip blogging.

So you don’t these mistakes: 

Here I will give 4 tips for finding a profitable blogging niche:

  1. Select a topic you enjoy talking about
  2. Do market research
  3. Select a Micro niche 
  4. Make sure it’s profitable
Once you choose the right niche for your blog, start writing amazing content that helps you to stand out from the crowd. And always try to maintain consistency. 
After you’ve chosen a niche, be sure to check out our guide on how to start a blog in 2021 from zero to high to learn how to start a blog and work from home.

101+ Best Blog niches 2021

Below is a list of 101+ ideas for blogging.

List of the best blog niches 2021:

  1. Food(1-5)
  2. LifeStyle(6-11)
  3. Entertainment(12-17)
  4. News(18-21)
  5. Science(22-28)
  6. Tech(29-33)
  7. Finance/Business(34-39)
  8. Education(40-45)
  9. Product Review(46-50)
  10. Gaming(51-55)

#1. Food (0-5)

best blog niches 2021

Guys food blogging is a big topic in itself, If you are fond of food or you are interested in it, then it can give better results for you. 

In today’s time, people are becoming increasingly interested in food, and people want to learn how to make a new dish every day, in which case food blogging can be a large scope. 

Here I providing you SUB-CATEGORY of food Blogging, that helps you to clear your mindset: 

#2. Lifestyle (6-11)

best blog niches 2021

This niche is always being evergreen because everyone wants to improve their lifestyle, peoples want to educate their self.

So I think this niche is always demanding and hot. Everyone needs to change their lifestyle.
Hence you can try in this niche and do educate of people.

Here the SUB-CATEGORY of lifestyle blog:

#3. Entertainment (12-17)

best blog niches 2021

Entertainment is always being a trending topic, almost every person is Addicted to entertainment because in daily life there are so many distractions around us and we have lots of burdens, in this condition people always prefer to entertain themselves.

So you can choose this niche and start your blogging journey.

These are SUB-CATEGORY of entertainment blog:

#4. News (18-21)

best blog niches 2021

News is always being people’s needs. If you have a big team then you should try the news website. Because this type of blog/website suddenly viral and also you can drive lots of traffic from social media.

These are some sub-categories to start the news website:

If you choose a particular category then you have been more chances to grow your blog, so always choose any specific category.

#5. Science (22-28)

best blog niches 2021

Science is one of the evergreens topics ever. Because day by day science is more growing and inventing new things. If you are interested in science topics, then you should start your blog on this topic.

These are Sub-Category of science niches: 

#6. Finance/Business (29-33)

best blog niches 2021

The finance/Business blog niche is one of the hottest categories. And it also a more profitable niche compared to others.

If you want to start your finance blog, you have to learn new business trends and start your finance blog.

A business idea is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money. An idea is the first milestone in the process of building a successful business.

These are SUB-CATEGORY of Finance & Business blog:

#7. Tech (34-39)

best blog niches 2021

Tech is the most popular niche that blogging startups choose nowadays.

Tech is an ever-growing niche, everyone needs to know the new tech tutorials, guides, and how to properly implement tech in daily life.

Tech is a broad topic itself, so you have to need to choose a particular topic, like tech news, like gadgets review.

These are SUB-CATEGORY Tech blog:

#8. Education (40-44)

best blog niches 2021

Education is always the most demanding niche, everyone wants to educate itself, so the education niche is always evergreen.

So start your blog right now and educate the audience, this is the right time to start your own blog because in these pandemic situations every institute has digitalized.

These are SUB-CATEGORY Education blog:

#9. Product Reviews (45-50)

best blog niches 2021

This is one of my favorite niches, in this niche, there is no any bondation, you can start your blog and write about any product.

These are SUB-CATEGORY of Product blog:

#10. Gaming (51-55)

best blog niches 2021

Gaming is becoming a more popular blog niche nowadays. Every day new games are launched so If you are passionate about gaming, you must start your blog in the gaming niche. 

These are SUB-CATEGORY Gaming blog:

Popular Best Blog Niches 2021 With High Profit

  1. WebHosting- Earn up to $500 with 10% recurring commissions for the lifetime of the hosting plan.
  2. Finance- Earn 50$ or more for a lead and hundreds of dollars per sale.
  3. Ecommerce Platforms- Earn up to 200-500% commission on your referrals
  4. Online Dating- EARN UP TO $134.91 PER SUBSCRIBER
  5. Travel- Up to 40% but minimum 4%
  6. Gaming- 10% per sale (EPC-$108.87)
  7. Home&Decor-  Earn Up to $54.69 per sale

Conclusion Of Best Blog Niches 2021

In this article, I provide a huge list of information regarding 55 Best Blog Niches 2021,

I hope this article is extremely helpful for you, those who want to start their own blog but are unable to find a profitable niche. 

If you get any problems while reading this article, let me know or express your opinion in the comment section.

And don’t forget to tell me which niche you selected. And also don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

If you want to read such types of articles in the future, then keep visiting our Website regularly. Thedailysprit

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