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I Am Here To Help You Understand The Secret Science Of Blogging & And Its Monetization To Earn Passive Money In Digital World

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Howdy, Friends

I hope you are good and healthy. 

First of all, I want to introduce my self to everyone.

I am Ayush Chauhan, founder of  “The Daily Sprit“ as well as an extreme expert in digital marketing and WordPress blogging. I love being lost in research for blogging. I love helping pets and wondering about new places. I love photography 😉

What TDS All About

TDS stands for ‘The daily sprit.

During the starting days of any establishment( for example, opening a company, creating a blog, etc), We need some help and trustworthy guidance from a mentor or an experienced person for better results.

If you start a blog and get confused or get stuck anywhere. Don’t worry. TDS is here for all ways to assist you.

It is a platform that provides a number of WordPress blogging strategies with proof. It also gives a lot of digital marketing secrets to jump your traffic on google top ranking.

TDS helps you to create a great blog and became an expert and professional in digital marketing

It offers you a limitless free idea to make money on the internet just in a few mins.

On this, you can easily learn and understand affiliate marketing strategies on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.  

How It All Started

Haha, this is like a fun tale. The credits of “The Daily Sprit” goes to my passion. I have been attached to tech tools and technology since my childhood and I believe that I submerged in love for Technology.

As it comes to blogging, I started writing on it in my 11th but due to lack of time and for giving time in studies, I couldn’t continue it but it always hit my emotions somewhere when will I start a blog again.

A wise man said that “It is never late“. so I do fulfill this and now starting my dream “The Daily Sprit” to explore it around the world and to share the experiences, pieces of information and news that you would love and know and find it useful and helpful.

Why We're Special

We don’t want you to think of me as a teacher

We guide what I want to learn myself

Everyone has their own specialty. Some bloggers are still talking about 5 years ago, which has been out dated.We always give you a fresh content so that your knowledge is always updated and my content becomes worth reading.

I have been habbit of writing since my childhood, when we were in 10th, I used to do all the projects myself through internet. From that time, my idea was started being developed towards internet.

Many bloggers and agencies use wrong methods to make money. Although they make money by this method, but the trust from the audience is broken.

We do not give you any fake information. All the content is free and useful too.

Here you get a free & pure guide on Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and WordPress. We try to give you better information.

Why TheDailySprit?

You’re at the right place if you :

  • Want to start a profitable blog with wordpress but stuck somewhere due to a lack of proper guidance
  • Want to learn the full strategies of Digital or Online marketing for free.
  • Want to learn SEO
  • Want to learn Affiliate marketing in proper way.


TheDailysprit is your platform and voice

Our Team

We’re a small team that packs a big punch learn more about our story

Sagar sahil is one of the co-founder of "" As editor-in-chief, Sagar creates and curates content for both the blog. He also directs the market research and strategic planning the site. In his spare time, he can usually be found in his secret the latest SEO tools and tactics.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Your Online Friend

Ayush Chauhan


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