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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: SEO Site Audit & Keyword Tracking(FREE)

Good News for my Every Bloggers & Creators Friend!

Recently Ahrefs launched its free webmaster tool i.e. Ahrefs webmaster tools.

This tool gives the practice of SEO knowledge that is ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO.

However, It’s all the thing you already are done with google search console but the Ahrefs webmaster tools gives you the better experience in comparison GSC.

I think it is a great opportunity for every blogger because it provides huge data for free that is unpredictable.

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Overview

ahrefs webmaster tools

Firstly, I would like to thanks the Ahrefs team for providing such an amazing tool.

Ahrefs webmaster tool is a freshly new and extremely powerful SEO audit tool. It provides lots of features that we have wants. You can audit your website very easily.

It has a simple interface and you just only one click to explore the data you want, which is really amazing.

ahrefs webmaster tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard

The dashboard of this tool is quite simple and easy to use. Lets find out its features:

  • Health Score
  • Domain Rating
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Keywords
  • Disavow links tool

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools List

As we know, Google search console provides some limited tools and data which are not sufficient for us.

If we talk about the Ahrefs webmaster tools, it gives huge data and so many important tools, which are very necessary for us.

Let’s explore its important tools:

Ahrefs Backlink Tool

This Ahrefs backlink tool is one of my favorite tools. It offers an overview of the backlinks with the ability to analyze specific kinds of backlinks.

ahrefs webmaster tools

By this tool, you can easily narrow down the selection of links by restricting one link per domain or all links from each domain.

Ahrefs Backlinks Filter

This backlinks tools allows you to see whatever you want:

  • Link type (dofollow, redirected, .gov, etc.)
  • Platform (blogs, eCommerce, forums, etc.)
  • Language
  • Traffic (by date)
  • Word or Phrase

Link Type: In this section you can choose which type of backlinks do yo want to see (dofollow, redirect, .gov, etc)

Platform: In this section you can see what types of website link back to you (blog, eCommerce, Forums, etc).

Word or Phrase: This section is very intresting, You can enter .gov into this tool and filter the backlinks so that it shows you all of the .gov backlinks.

Ahrefs Site Audit Tool

This is the most important tool given by Ahref webmaster. It allows you to do the whole blog or website audit.

ahrefs webmaster tools

By this tool, you can able to see all issues, additionally, health reports and crawls status in one place.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Profits & Drawbacks


Ahrefs webmaster tool provides you lots of benefits, by which you can increase your website ranking, 

Also you can find the exact data of your blog, it helps you to find all errors of your website and fix that.

Let’s explore its benefits side:

  • Disavow link

    It allow to remove all bad backlinks form the website

  • Site Health

    It shows the score of website health

  • Backlinks

    It allow to see the backlink and its type (do follow, no follow, referring domains, and a lot)

  • Site Audit

    It provides all critical errors and crawls status in one place

  • Keyword explorer

    It provides the depth keyword analysis. And you able to see the keyword positioning and CTR percentage.


Privacy Concerns

If we talk about Google search Console they provide the best security but using Ahrefs Webmaster Tool can show your website information and sell it off your competitors.

Here’s some official statement about this tool policies.

Data Collection and Use

“You understand and agree that Ahrefs may anonymize and aggregate any data you share with the Service, including data associated with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, and use it without identifying you for purposes of improving the Service.”  – Source: Ahrefs terms & conditions

Connecting Data

“We may also anonymise and aggregate the data from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and use it without identifying you for purposes of improving our products and services.” – Source: Ahrefs privacy policy

Here’s the one view of Google search console vs ahrefs webmaster tools.

As we know, Google Search Console (GSC) provides us not sufficient data and it is low-quality source because it counts bot traffic.

On the other hand Ahrefs provides a huge data collection that are sufficiant for every blogger and creators.

This is why we say “we might use”

How to use Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

It is not a Rocket Science!

Just Follow These Steps Right Below:

Step 1: Visit-

Step 2: Sign Up your account for free by email address or facebook account.

Step 3: After sign up the new interface will be opened that is Import or add project.

If you have already Google Search Console account then you have to select Import button or do you want to add your site manually then click Add manually.

Step 4: After Add manually the next you have to add your domain name on the domain path and leave the project name blank, it will detect automatically And then click the continue button.

Step 5: After that you have to verify your website ownership.

Simply you have to Connect Google Account and click the continue button.

Step 6: After verification, you have to schedule your site audits.

After that, you have to click the URL sources and tick the box. And next crawl settings, you don’t need to change anything leave it as default.

And finally hit the Finish button.

Yeh, You Done It!

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Limitations

They provides some limitations how many URL crawled and how long data is maintained.


  • Monthly crawled URLs – 5,000 per project
  •  Data retention – 3 months
  •  JS rendering – yes

Site Explorer:

  • Backlink index – “Live” only
  • Rows per report – 1,000
  • Rows per month – 100,000
  •  Export rows per report – 1,000
  • Export rows per month – 10,000
Advanced SE reports:
  • Content gap – 10 rows per report
  •  Link Intersect – 10 rows per report
  •  Competing pages/domains – 10 rows per report
  •  Top pages/subdomains/paths – 10 rows per report

Another Best Webmaster Tools (Alternative of Ahrefs Webmaster)

  • Google Search Console: Google search console is one of the most renowned webmaster tools that are completely free, and it is a product of  Google. By GSC you are able to see the topmost ranking keyword and it also helps to fix your error itself.
  • Semrush: Semrush is also one of the best-paid webmaster tools that helps you to analyze your website and you can easily audit your entire website. 
  • Ubersuggest: It is one of my favorite tools because it is completely FREE and gives so many ultimate features, by these tools you can audit your website, and also you can find your top keywords, backlinks, and so on.
  • Google Analytics: This is also the best tool for analyzing the entire website, by this tool you can find your targeted audience which is coming on your website. There are so many advanced features so you should use this tool, it also a google product.
  • SimilarWeb: It also a powerful tool, by this tool you can see the traffic which is country wise. You should use this tool.

Conclusion - Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (Free!)

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is an extremely powerful service. It provides so many features that I haven’t even covered.

It’s really hard to believe that it providing everything in FREE of cost.

Yes, my dear blogger and creator, It has free, And it is the best SEO auditing tool by that you can audit your whole website and increase your website ranking so that every blogger and creator should be using it.

So I would like to hear from you what do you think about Ahrefs Webmaster Tool.

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