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Hostinger Review: Is it Affordable for Your Budget?

Hostinger review

If you are thinking to start your own blog or created website,

But you can’t able to find the best and affordable hosting for your budgets.

There are many hosting companies on the Internet who cheat their customers in the name of hosting.

So be careful before you purchase hosting or any kind of stuff because happens many scams over here

So, before you purchase the hosting you must-read a review of the actual hosting that you simply wish to buy for.

In this article, I’m progressing to review one among my favorite hosting that is sensible and also fits your budgets. Hostinger review

So let’s dive into the depth review…

Hostinger General Features


Value for Money
$ $2
  • Unlimitated Number of website
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Bandiwdth
  • Wordpress Acceleration
  • Free Domain Registration On Annual Plan
  • 2X Allocated Resorces

Hostinger is one of the most well-renowned hosting companies. It was established in 2004.

On Hostinger, every day over 15,000 new people signing up and over 29 million users host with them.

It is also cheap and reliable web hosting that provides a variety of features.

Which is not only affordable for everyone in price but also satisfies their customers with great and quick service and support..

Hostinger review: Plans and Pricing

First of all, you should know about their plans and pricing.

Hostinger offers you the three different hosting services that are Shared Hosting, VPS, and Cloud Hosting.

Hostinger does not offer a dedicated hosting plan, so you can’t take advantage of this.

Shared Hosting

Hostinger review

If you want to start your online business on an intermediate scale you should go with Business Shared plans.

In this plan, you will get everything that you need. If you choose shared hosting you will get 3 plans:

  • Single Shared Hosting – ($0.99/mo) – For beginners.
  • Premium Shared Hosting – ($2.89/mo) – For personal.
  • Business Shared Hosting – ($3.99/mo) – For business purposes.
  • Cloud Hosting – ($7.45/mo) – For advanced solution.

VPS Hosting

A VPS stands for “Virtual non-public Server.” Let’s break it down: because the name suggests, it’s a personal server, which suggests, that it’ll be solely yours.

Having a VPS service provides you a group quantity of resources that you simply don’t get to share with anyone.

It’s quite like having your own dedicated or non-public server, however virtual.

In this case, “virtual” means it’s a partition on a physical server, that’s dedicated to you.

This virtual server provides you the prospect to achieve root access, install your most well-liked OS, and work on your project with incomparable freedom.

We beware of the back-end business, manage the physical servers, guarantee speed, uptime, and stability, whereas you’ll be able to focus entirely on your project.

When purchasing a VPS, it comes with a list of Operating Systems templates, all Linux based, which can be installed in a couple of clicks, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.

Hostinger review

Hostinger features: Good For WordPress Users

Hostinger review: Pros and Cons

Every hosting companies have own cons and pros. In the same way, hostinger have own advantages and disadvantages. 

Before buying any hosting we should always focus on their advantages and disadvantages.

Because unless we know about its good and bad aspects, how can we find the best hosting for our website?

Let’s explore their Cons and Pros🤷‍♂️

PROS: Good Stuff's

1. 99.90 % Uptime Guarantee

 Uptime is very essential for the website. If increasing the downtime of your website that means you are losing your potential sales.

As well as, you may lose your ranking on Google, which is bad news for your website/ or blog.

While some of the companies offer Uptime guarantee, but how we believe? Before paying the payments we should thank their promise.

Because sometimes the company says something and gives something else, due to which our website has to suffer.

And lastly, we some researched through Hostinger TOS and found no traces of such nonsense. so don’t be panic.

If your site uptime decrease below 99.9% due to Hostinger faults, you can request them to get 5% of your monthly fee back.

Now, I think you are fully satisfied with Hostinger’s Uptime.😍

Hostinger review

2. Ultra Loading With Cache Manager

The best part of Hostinger is that they always care about speed. And they have come up with so many ways of improving speed.

One of them their self cache manager. Enable this option to improve loading speed and fast load times.

This is like a bonus for you.

Because every website/blog needs a great speed. If your site loading speed is very dull then your traffic will be also dull.

Everyone hates dull speed.

Let’s move into its technical side.

First of all, you need to login to its hPannel and hit “Manage” on the site you want to enable. Scroll down to “Advance” you will see the “Cache Manager” and click on the cache manager.

Hostinger review

Once you enter in cache manager, you just have to click on “change” after that you can able to see the “Automatic Cache” button turn green, indicating that it’s on.

Click on “Purge All”, and your site ready to ultra-fast speed.

Hostinger review

Here I tested, my website speed on and I shaw really amazing. It really works.

Hostinger review
Cache Manager On. Site Loads in 1.272s

This option is really helpful for our website. So, don’t leave to test Hostinger’s service and features.

3. Extra Benefits That Increase Speed

If we come to their premium shared plan, we have great extra features that help to increase our blog speed like a skyrocket. Here are some of my favorite.

  • Github Integration 
  • DNS Management 
  • 1-Click Installer 
  • Optimized for WordPress 
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts 
  • PHP7 Support 

4. Free Domain

If you don’t know, to start your sites/blog, you need to buy a domain name from a domain register on top of paying for web hosting. Because without a domain, hosting is useless. 

Especially, new bloggers, they can’t afford to purchase both hosting and domain.

Getting a free domain from your web hosting can really helpful.

In this condition, Hostinger is truly making a difference by supporting new bloggers by giving a domain for free. 

5. Friendly Support (they are fun too)

When it comes to its support, they never disappoint its own customers. Their support team is always available to give a reply.

And they always trying to solve your problem without any stress means that they give a reply, your every word and every sentence.

I was unable to log in to my Hostinger account, so I just contacted their support team to see how they responded to some basic queries, and I was very impressed.

In the above picture, you can see, how their customers manage all the questions and reply in a very responsive way.  

You guys can’t believe, how wonderful they talk and they always try to make you happy. They create a friendly environment while conversation.

So guy’s don’t miss to fun with their customer support team.😉

6. Great Initially Price

Last but not least, Hostinger initially price is really amazing, for this reason, makes it different from other hosting companies.

Their premium plan has almost all the same features but the differences in their price;

Their business plan only costs $3.99/months, but their starting plan (entry-level) only costs is $0.99/month. So if you are a newbie blogger or just want to start, you must go with Hostinger’s.

Here you have to great option to start your blogging journey and earn passive money.

CONS: Bad Stuffs

1. No Daily Backup

These cons a little bit disappointed me. In the market, lots of providers provide daily backup features but Hostinger’s don’t provide daily backup in their initial price.

They deserve to make a little more money off certain features because their initial costs are very low compared to other hostings providers. 

They give a weekly backup plan, I think this is enough for beginners. And on the internet, there is a verity of free methods, that you can easily backup your blog data.

2. Must Be Logged in to Access Live Chat

Hostinger only provides to access live chat for those customers who log in to their account.

That means if you are not a Hostinger customer, but you want to know the information, for example, migrating your site over to them, you can’t chat with their customer representative.

But you will certainly find a “Contact Us” button in their footer.

Hostinger review

Then you will see another page, where you have two options. I think this is a lengthy process.

Hostinger review: Page Speed Tests With Pingdom

The page speed of any website is very important. If the page speed is slow, no one wants to open your website. Acording to Neil Patel, page speed is the factor of search engine ranking.

It depends on the hosting company. So guy’s always try to buy a hosting that has a good page speed record.

Here we tested page speed of the last 12 months and the result is this.

Tested by

Hostinger review: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s come into their money-back guarantee, it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with their service, you are fell free to the request to cancel the account within 30 days, you will get a full refund without any asking question.

So guys don’t worry, you can take a chance.

Hostinger review: Special Discount For Students

Hey, my dear reader, here Hostinger provides some awesome features for its student blogger. They offer a 15% special discount for our student blogger. 

So guys, if you are a student and want to create your own blog, you must take advantage of these special offers.

How you can grab extra 15% discount?

First, you have to open the Hostinger website and then scroll the bottom of the site.

And as you see the picture below, you have to click the student discount.

After that, you have to click ‘Get Discount Code’

When you click Get Discount Code, then next window will open and then you have to click “Get Code & Open Site”

Now they redirect another window and you have to sign up and finally, you grab this offer.

Final Thoughts

After you read the article, you have been knowing everything about Hostinger. As well as, now you are able to buy Hostinger without any doubt.

In this review, I put all the facts that were well researched.

If you want to start your business on a small scale or intermediate, you must go with these Hostings.

This is better for beginners who just want to start!

If you have any queries then feel free to contact me. I will always be ready to help you.

If You Like This Review Please share it with your friends. It’s counts for me.

2 thoughts on “Hostinger Review: Is it Affordable for Your Budget?”

  1. Hey Ayush Chauhan ,

    Excellent post with amazing review of hostinger. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i am glad to say that you have done a fantastic work and included a great review of hostinger. I also like & appreciate the way you have presented this hosting and explained each & everything in an easy language that are really providing a good understanding. Yes hostinger is one of a popular, reliable and well-known web-hosting with more that millions of active users and also it provides variety of features. Hostinger offers good features that are perfectly suitable for wordpress users.

    After going through this complete guide i really gain ideas and i can undoubtedly say that this hosting is one of a best hosting provider along with its high uptime, fast loading speed and an incredible customer support. I am sure that this post is definitely going to help lots of people. Good work and keep sharing more similar post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.


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