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How to Start a Blog In 2021- Easy & Simple Guide (From Scratch)

how to start a blog

Finally, you decided to create a blog. 

I think it is a good decision you take.

Because I believe, that’s the best decision I ever made in my life to start a blog.

Blogging is not a ROCKET SCIENCE, it is just a part of your interest, everyone can do.

But you have to serious about it and take patience, without patient and hard work you can’t succeed in blogging.

Here’s the profit when you succeed: (Blog Profitability)

  • You will live life like a boss
  • You can do your work anywhere
  • You will earn unlimited Doller 
  • Lots of benefits of doing blogging…

Now you are fully ready to create a professional blog.


So finally, I will guide you on how to start a blog in 2021 in the right way and how you can succeed in blogging

Here are the 10 easy steps to start your profitable blog.

So let’s get started…

How to Start A Blog In 2021 From Scratch

What is Blogging and How does it Work?

In short, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content and regularly updated website where new content frequently published is known as a blog or blogging

Blogs are managed by a person or group of people to spread their knowledge in a written way or conversational way. 

In the blog, you can add images, videos, and infographics as well.

A person who runs blogs is known as a blogger.

How To Start a Blog In 2021 And Make Money

Before Starting the full process for making a profitable blog.

Maybe some of you are thinking, Why should start a blog in 2021.

I thoughts that this year is a golden year to start blogging because many people aware of the terms of the blog and they are very curious to start their blogging journey.


Because in 2021, blogging is becoming difficult day by day and if you start today, you have more opportunities and chances to succeed.

Let’s get started!

1: Start with Right Niche

how to start a blog

This is the most crucial part of any blog, but many beginners are stuck at this point.

Because most of the bloggers leave blogging in 5 months because they choose the wrong niche or they don’t passionate about it.

Hence always remember one thing, the niche should be profitable and interest-based because without a profitable niche it will worthless.

And passionate about your niche that will help you to go long and you don’t turn off.

What is blog niche?

The writing on a particular and specific content is called a blog niche.

For example, If you have a blog and that you only write and publish blog posts about sports, then you are doing a kind of sports blogging or say that the niche is sports.

I hope you have been understood:

How to find perfect Blog Niche?

First of all, you have choose 5 categories for the blog and website, according to your choice. 

Select the category on which you want to write a daily post. As if you have select 5 categories.

  • Health
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Life style
  • Gaming

For example, I have taken 5 categories. you can also choose according to your interest to get a start. 

After that, write 3-4 posts in all categories you have selected.

You will get to know which topic you like to write.

By doing this, you will get to know the category of your choice, which is a very big thing to find out your interest.

Another way you can find, Best Niches for a blog on google and you’ll see lots of results or suggestions that give an idea to find out your Niche.

2. Buy Domain Name

how to start a blog

A domain name is the most essential part of any blog. It is what that addresses your website. 

Therefore you should be very picky about choosing your Domain name. 

It must be unique, short, and memorable so that visitors can easily search your website and memorized it.

Where to buy Domain?

On google, you can search for domain providing website but make sure you’re going with a trusted domain provider that gives a service 24/7.

They must give responsive support to customers.

I can understand your feelings, Don’t worry, I’m providing you best domain provider that you can easily BUY your favorite domain name.

Also, these are reliable & trusted, so don’t be panic.

These are the best domain providers to buy your domain name from.

Check now, Your domain name is available or not.

NOTE:  When picking the best domain name provider, we look at the following four things:

  1. Pricing and Registration Period
  2. Domain Transfers
  3. Domain Expiration Policies
  4. Add-on Services

3. Choose Good Hosting Provider

how to start a blog

Web Hosting is a platform that provides the facility to place all the websites on the internet, 

Consequently, the website of any individual or organization can be accessed through the internet all over the world.

It stores files, images, videos, etc of your website on a special computer. This computer is connected 24/7 to the internet at all times.

Types of Web Hosting 

  • Shared Web Hosting
  •  V.P.S (Virtual Private Server)
  •  Dedicated Hosting
  •  Cloud Web Hosting

If you’re a new blogger or want to learn blogging, then shared web hosting is best for you at the start because it’s very cheap to buy & recommended for beginners.

When I started blogging, I too choose Shared Hosting because when I started I’m not familiar with all these things.

So I think, You can enjoy blogging comfortably with this hosting.

If you have much budget you can go with a premium plan. It gives more features and supports also.

Best Web Hosting Providers:

how to start a blog

These are the list of some best Web Hosting Providers

Firstly, I suggest you go with SiteGround Web Hosting because they give you excellent customer support and the best security service.

SiteGround guaranteed for 99.9 % Up Time Speed, it matters a lot in website ranking. It provides free domain and SSL and an excellent custom dashboard.

It is one of the most popular Web Hosting providers and gives more facilities. It has hosted more than 2000000 domains that signify it as a trusted hosting.

4. How to Upload WordPress:

Well done,  You have purchased a domain name and web hosting, now we will learn, how to set up a blog 

I will suggest you go with WordPress. It is highly appreciated, and you will access unlimited features.

Installing WordPress is not a big deal, you just need a proper Guide. Here I guide you to install WordPress and you can live your first WordPress blog.

Firstly you have to go to the SiteGround dashboard or any web hosting.

If you already purchased it then you can see a similar interface on your SiteGround account after login into your account.

how to start a blog

You have to select the “start a new website” option to make a brand new website.

After that, you have to click the software that you want to set up your website.

Obviously, we are selecting a WordPress option and then install your website.

After that, you have to fill in some login details.

This detail is very essential so I recommend you to save on a folder or note down your password. If you forget, you can check there.

After filling out the log in detail,

You have to click the checkbox and hit the big complete button to the next process.

It will take a few seconds to setting up your website.

Now click the proceed button to go the customer section.

Now you select the “my account” and click the installations button.

After installation, you have to click on “Go to Admin Panel” button to visit your new website admin panel.

Now. you will redirect your WordPress dashboard, you have to put your login detail which you choose during the installation and click the login button.

Finally, you just completed your WordPress setup. I hope, you can easily set up your WordPress blog by this easy guide.

Remember this URL or bookmark it.

If you forget the URL, you can use this URL structure to log in WordPress dashboard (only replace the to your blog name).

5. Customize your Blog

how to start a blog

If a visitor comes to your website and your website is not properly designed and well-formatted then it may raise the Bounce Rate issue which is certainly not good for getting traffic on your website.

Because designing a website gives a reason to stay and read the post.

It generates interest in your visitors so be sure that your website also looks like a professional in your Blog Niche.

Also, it rapidly increases the email list & followers of the websites.

Due to a sense of thinking, they will think of you as a dedicated blogger.

Go to the theme of selling websites and choose an easy user interface designed theme and purchase it. 

Before buying make sure you read all the features of the theme that it must be responsive, 

It should be SEO-friendly and Ad optimized which help you in the future to make revenue from  Google Adsense.

But at the beggin, if you don’t wanna invest in a premium theme then you should go with free themes.

There are a lot of free themes available on the WordPress library, which you can apply on your website and customize in a very easy way.

Best tools to customize blog:

On the Internet, there are thousands of tools and plugins are available that you can easily design your blog like an expert.

Here I recommend you the best tools that you can design your blog properly and make your blog attractive.

6. Choose a Right Theme

how to start a blog

It is very important to have a good theme on your blog, this creates a trust inside your visitors, it feels that this blog is professional.

WordPress provides you a lot of free themes, you can install or if you have good budgets, then you can use a premium theme.

I will suggest you buy only premium themes, 

It will not cause any problem in ranking your website and your site may not be hacked even if you use free themes, there is a chance of your website data being hacked.

How to install free themes in wordpress:

It is not rocket science, you can easily install free themes from WordPress.

Here is the guide to install a free theme…

First of all, you log in on WordPress and you go on Appearance and select Theme and again select Add New

Appearance >> Theme >> Add New

how to start a blog

Click the appearance tab and then select Add new

how to start a blog

Some of the free themes that you can use…

In the WordPress directory, there are a lot of free themes that are available.

But I will share only the best free theme, which is lightweight, userfriendly, and SEO responsive.

By these themes, not only gives your professional look at your blog, but it also helps to monetize your blog on ADSENSE.

Ok fine, I am sharing with you the name of the themes:

So, Go and Catch any one of them to architect your blog layouts. 

If you want to invest some money then you can go with the pro theme because the pro theme is very lightweight, these themes are less than 50kb and SEO friendly.

If you are really interested for doing blogging then you must invest some money to improve your productivity.

These are some popular premium themes that you can use…


7. Install Some Essential Plugins for your Blog:

You’re creating a website on WordPress. Right! 

So, you’ll need to install some important plugins here.

WordPress is a very specific platform. There is a thousand of the plugin for different use. It makes easy to work here.

How we can add plugins on wordpress blog?

Install plugins on WordPress is not a Rocket Science! It is just a simple task, anyone can install.

FIRSTLY, you need to open the WordPress dashboard. I hope all are familiar with the WordPress dashboard.

In the WordPress dashboard there are an option of plugins, you simply click that option and search plugins name that you want.

List of some important plugins:

When you start a blog on WordPress you have to need some essential plugins, because plugins help you to increase your productivity and you can manage your blog easily.

In the WordPress directory there are a lot of plugins but we need to use only some essential plugins. Because when you install more and unnecessary plugins, it can slow down your blog.

These are some essential plugins:

So guys, these are the most useful and recommended plugins on WordPress that you should install in order to get a productive outcome.

8. Write And Publish Your First Blog Post

I hope you done all the things very well. It’s time to write an amazing blog post and publish it,

But many of you are thinking of where the option to write blog posts.

Don’t worry! I am here to guide you.

Firstly, you have to login your WordPress dashboard and then click post tab.

After that you have to click Add new to open editor.

When you click add new the new tab will be open that is block editor.

Here the editor, you can write an amazing blog post and also you can edit your blog post easily because there are many editing options are available.

If you want to write your blog post like a pro blogger then you have to write on any specific editor.

Here I recommend you two editors…

    • Elementor
    • Thrive 

These are the editing plugins that you can find in the WordPress directory. Both are free and paid also. but if you are a newbie then you should go with a free version.

In free, there are lots of options that you can design your blog post.

If you have a good budget you can go with the premium, here you will get lots of features and templates.

In premium, it provides a verity of templates that you can design your full website very ease.

Create Some Important Pages For your Blog

Most of the newbies forget these things. 

Here is some important page you must create:

It builds the authority of your blog on Google.

9. Make money from blogging:

I think you have learned all the segments and you will do great. 

I want to ask you a question. Why we do blogging?

Your answer is, we want the money. RIGHT! Everyone needs money.

Through blogging, I generate thousands of dollars easily. 

Mainly we write the content of a blog to earn money and build a huge amount of audience.

The blog is a wide internet place to generate lots of revenue and build a better platform. You can make money from the blog in various ways.

Let’s see!

Most of the bloggers make money is through placing ads on their websites.

Google Adsense provides two types of Ads CPC and CPM.

  • CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click ( also pay per click). This type of Ads usually a banner that places on your website or blog sidebar. The reader or visitors click on their Ads and you will be paid for those clicks.
  • CPM Ads: CPM Ads, or “(Cost per 1,00o impressions)”, “By google says Advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad appears. As a publisher, you’ll earn revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a user”

There are many alternatives programs available if you find google Adsense doesn’t work for you such as:-

Earn money through Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to monetize your blog and earn a huge amount of money.

First of all, you join affiliate programs and you sell their product through your website. You will be given a unique link for each product you promote through your website.

When the item will be sold you get paid as a fixed commission.

Want to know the best affiliate programs to join? Just check below:

Earn money from Sponsored post

Sponsored post is a type of article that you write for any brand, company, or related to that site’s niche or topic for which the company or brand pays you.

And now this the easiest way to generates lots of money. Most of the blogger writes a sponsored post to push their revenue.

There are various ways to write sponsored post:

  • You can write a reviews
  • Write Summaries of an offer or offers
  • You can announcements of a sale in your post
  • Roundup/list posts
  • Product announcements
  • You can create videos, infographics.

Conclusion: How to Start a Blog in 2021

Congratulation! Now you have been learned how to start a blog.


So your blogging journey has started. You have to learn lots of things like Affiliate marketing, SEO, and many more things.

Always try to learn new things and techniques that you can implement in your blog, then you will see good results.

I hope you like this article and may this helpful you to create your first blog.

Let’s take a RECAP all kinds of stuff: How to start a blog in 2021

  • Choose Niche
  • Buying Domain Name
  • Choose Hosting Services
  • Install WordPress
  • Customize your Blog
  • Choose lightweight Themes
  • Install some important plugins
  • Write first Blog Post
  • And finally generates Revenue.

If You Have Any Queries Regarding Blog Feel Free to Contact Me. It would be great for me.

Wishes for your Blogging Success!🎉🎇

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