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14 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic FAST

increase website traffic

Do you want to bring traffic to your blog?

Don’t Worry!

You come to the right place at the right time.

Nowadays, it is difficult to gain organic traffic because the competition is on the pick.

People are doing hard work in blogging field. So, guys, you have to do hard work and put your all effort then you can beat your competitors and get thousands of visitors.

Now in this post, I will tell 14 ways to increase website traffic from Google, and By Reading this, you will get a lot of traffic on your blog.

In this post, the techniques I am going to share are both Free & Paid.

Let’s dive right in…

14 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

14 Proven Methods To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is the way which helps you to get more traffic and also rank on google top.

According to backlinko, you can easily rank your website by doing only on-page SEO optimization.

It helps to get organic traffic.

increase website traffic

By seeing this picture, you got some idea about On-Page SEO,

Now I want to share some important factors of On-Page SEO so you will get some guidance on how you can optimize your post for On-Page SEO.

1. Write a Catchy Headline for your article

increase website traffic

A catchy headline is very important for your post which you can get more visitors.

Because 80% of people read your headline and only 20% of people read your full content.

And also it attracts the user to clicks your blog post and read.

The headline is the first part of the post so you can write it properly and attractive.

80% of people read your headline and only 20% of people read your full content.

A catchy headline to increase your blog CTR and also helps to rank your post easily on the search engines.

Avoid simple or dull headline:

Now you are leaving in 2020, so you can put an attractive headline because of no one like a dull or simple headline.

Many visitors want something attractive which actually works for them.

A catchy headline is also helpful for social shares.

When you write dull or simple headline no-none click your link on social media, so you want more click on social media then you write an attractive headline.

2. Must-have focused keyword in the Title

increase website traffic

When you write title must have included focus keyword in it because it is necessary for on-page SEO and,

Google can easily understand what is written of this post and also show your article on a particular visitor that is searched on that keyword.

So always try to include the focus keyword in the title.

 Length of  Headline:

When it comes to the length of the blog post, we have some tests and looking at how performed the length of the title.

Here are some fundamental tips for a length of the headline:

  • Your blog post title must have 60 characters.
  • In general, 8 to 12-word headlines are most often shared on twitter.
  • More often, 12 to 14-word headlines are liked on Facebook.

You can make a headline ending with bracketed clarification– for example how to start a blog [ step by step guide ].

It performed 38 % better than headlines without having bracket clarification.

3. Write Cathy meta description

increase website traffic

Why do I say to Write a catchy meta description?

Because writing normal meta descriptions, you can lose click chances and also lose CTR.

When your CTR Rate increases then your site BOUNCE Rate will be decreased.

In Google’s eyes, the website bounce rate must be less, it is beneficial for your website ranking.

On the other hand, when you write a catchy meta description you get more chances to click your articles, links, etc. Simultaneously, this increases your site CTR rates.

So always try to write a catchy meta description.

Here I give you the characteristic of the catchy meta description that hacks your traffic like a skyrocket.

According to Yoast SEO, there are 6 types of characteristics that you can make a catchy or attractive meta description.

  • Up to 155 characters or some times more according to your needs.
  •  It should be an actionable sentence or in an active voice.
  •  Including a call to action.
  •  Should contain the focus keyword; It helps google to find your content easily.
  •  Must have match the content; Always try to write related to your content and what about of content, otherwise Google will penalize the site.
  •  And last must-have uniqueness; It doesn’t mean that you put the hard words in your sentence. Always try to put trendy words.

4. Drop keyword in the first 100 words

increase website traffic

When you write an article you need to do is drop the focus keyword once in the first 100-150 words,

Because Google puts more weights on terms that show up early on your page.

And google also understands what your page all about.

It is also the benefit of your On-page SEO.

5. Optimize URLs

increase website traffic

Creating SEO friendly URL is very necessary for any website. And also its google ranking factor.

If you optimize the URL of your website or blog well, it helps search engines to understand what’s your content is about, like page titles.

The structure of a URL is an important part of on-page SEO because it holds the location of web pages.

It gives informative signals that google easily understand the content of the page.

Here are quick tips for, How you can create SEO friendly URL:

  1. Make your URL short
  2. Your URL should 100% readable
  3. Use your focus keyword in the URL.
  4. Don’t use the underscore ( _ ) sign in the URL.
  5. Always use hyphen (-) sign in the URL.
  6. Don’t use a capital letter in the URL.

Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is the beneficial way which you can use and increase website traffic.

It is just like on-page SEO and also the factor of google ranking.

There are many factors of off-page SEO but I will discuss only important facts that can boost your website ranking.

So let’s get started…

6. Link Building

increase website traffic

Link building is one of the most ranking factors of off-page SEO.

Because when you start doing link building your site traffic starts to grow gradually.

Always try to build linking of high domain authority ( DA ) website because it provides value in the google vision.

And also a big factor in determining google page rank ( PR ), as well as Google, starts the trust of your website.

Benefits of link building:

  1. In search results increase more visibility of your blog.
  2. Get more traffic from other blogs linked to you.
  3. Link building is also an important factor in SEO.
  4. It helps getting indexed in search results quickly.

7. Blog promotion

increase website traffic

Blog promotion is the way you can promote your blog on social media platforms or many other engaging websites.

Some of the newbie bloggers only think that writing content is enough,

But it does not end here.

You have to do planning before you hit the published button.

Best ways to promote your blog content:

Content Union: One of the best ways for blog promotion is by using a content union. You can reshare your exiting blog content on the platform like Medium, Quora and LinkedIn to get a huge amount of traffic.

I highly recommend you to use the content union method,

Because using this method you can boost your blog traffic like a skyrocket.

It is one of the best SEO techniques to reuse your content on many websites and generates lots of traffic.

There are three platforms that you can use the content union methods:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Quora
  3. Medium

Tips for you:

  •  Create an account on a google spreadsheet and then create a few columns called  “Article Title” and “URL”
  •  And only copy those content which you want more traffic.
  • And share on Linkedln, Quora, and Medium at least one or two times in a weak.

This is a very effective and genuine method for getting traffic.

8. Share your post on Facebook

increase website traffic

Facebook is one of the largest and powerful social network websites.

According to, almost 2.5 billion monthly active users engagements on Facebook.

So Facebook is one of the best social platforms by which you can viral your blog article instantly.

A large number of marketers, who promote their product, content, and videos, gain a huge amount of referral traffic from Facebook.

So you can not ignore the power of Facebook.

Here I give you 6 amazing tips to promote your blog post on Facebook:

Join your niche related Facebook group:  Share your blog content in the Facebook group is an amazing and effective way to promote your blog content.

Here you get an instant response by the people.

You can also create your own Facebook group and tell them to join and build a large Facebook community.

Trust me it will really be effective in your blogging journey.

Similarly, you can join the other Facebook page and request to share your blog content on that page.

Optimized link to the blog post: Before publishing posts, you can create instant attention by optimizing your weblink.

If you optimize your link correctly then your blog featured image, title and meta description will appear on your Facebook newsfeed.

In 2020, people are very smart and knowledgeable,

They never click your link unless they see the headline, featured image, and meta description, so you can optimize your link correctly.

It will really help to increase your traffic.

I am using Rank math plugins to optimize my post links for Facebook newsfeed.

Increase website traffic

 Facebook Ads: By using this tactic, you can target a specific location or area so that your blog can be reached to them.

This way you can gain a set of loyal audiences who looking for that information.

As well as, you gain the organic traffic on your blog post.

Branding yourself:  One of the best ways to create a personal brand that helps you stand out in the whole crowd.

And also You must articulate your skills, knowledge, and experience among the audience,

so that it helps you to build trust toward your people.

Tips for branding yourself:

  • Identify your goals
  • Give valuable content
  • Help others blogger to build trust
  • Find out how others see you
  • Identify your target audience

9. Optimize Your Images

increase website traffic

An optimized image is necessary for your blog traffic because it helps to get traffic from Google Images.

Would you like to lose your traffic with Google Images?

Certainly, you don’t.

Many newbie bloggers do these mistakes.

Because they do not properly optimize their images so they lose a large amount of traffic that comes from Google Images.

let me clear this, people also view google images when they search and they visit websites if they liked the catchy image with an attention-grabbing title.

So let’s follow these steps to optimize Image:

  • Use the best image optimizer plugins: This type of plugin helps to reduce the size of your images without losing its quality and also increase the load speed of your site page. I suggest the two best free Image optimize plugins that I also use, the first one is Optimole and the second is Resmush. You can check it once, I think its better for you.
  • Add alt attributes carefully: Without adding alt attributes your image can’t be rank in google images. So you need to add alt attributes that relevant to your focus keyword in every image. It is also good for on-page SEO.
  • Use WP Rocket to increase speed:  It helps to increase the load speed of your site.
  • Use Image sitemap: You can give Google more information about your images of your website using image sitemap. So that google can easily understand and crawl your images perfectly.

10. Do Guest Posting

increase website traffic

Guest posting is the best way to generate high-quality backlinks and traffic.

When you do guest posting, you have more opportunities to featured on HUGE authority sites.

Many pro bloggers love doing guest posting,

Because he knows the power of guest posting.

According to Backlinko, last few years, they have published 200 guest posts on other sites.

By this, you can imagine how much importance of Guest Posting.

Guest Post = Quality Backlinks + Traffic 

11. Use Lightweight Theme

how to start a blog

Always use a good theme because it helps to increase your website traffic.

If your website not looking good then your audience moves back to your site.

Your website should be looking professional.

For this, it helps you to sell more products and increases your trust among the people.

Here I recommend you the best theme that you can use:

  1. Generatepress
  2. Astra  

I am using Astra pro and Generatepress, and both themes are lightweight.

You can use both the themes that help to increase your website traffic and speed.

Always try to invest in a better place because it gives better results.

12. Use Best Social Share Plugins

increase website traffic

Always use social share plugins on the website,

Because it helps to share your content on the social platform and also to get traffic.

If you do not use social share option on the website, how people will share your content.

So which are the best social share plugins?

Easy Social sharing is the best WordPress social share plugin and it is completely free.

This plugin is great, and I am using this plugin last 3 months and I became a fan of this.

Always remember one thing, Sharing is caring, so share this post immediately. 😍😉

13. Update Outdated Content

increase website traffic

Do you know, your previous content has been outdated?

And its value on google’s is about to end.

Because Google displays the freshness of the content in its SERPs.

So always try to update your old content.

I know it takes time but you can do it. By this, you get more traffic on the website.

Tips for, how to update outdated content:

  1. Correct spellings, grammar and improve readability ( you can use Grammarly ).
  2. Add infographics, graphics, and video.
  3. Add more valuable information
  4. Get fresh backlinks for your updated content.
  5. Optimize focused keyword.

Now you updated your old content and it looks like fresh content.

Now the turn, how to get more traffic of your updated content

  • Repurposing your content (like Quora, Medium and LinkedIn)
  • Share your content on social media
  • Comment on other blogs

14. Write Detail And Engaging Post

increase website traffic

Writing content is not a big deal, but you need to write quality content that solves people’s problems.

Many amateur bloggers do the mistake they do not focus on writing quality content,

That’s why they lose their site traffic and fail to make faith among their audience.

Always try to make your content long because of long content gets more share and generates leads for a longer timeframe.

Long posts help to attract backlinks and get more organic traffic.

According to Neil Patel, 2250-2500 words earned more organic traffic.


You can see that 2500 words content get more organic traffic and also earned more share.

But I recommend you, don’t lose quality when you writing a long post.

Tips for Writing Quality content:

  1. Add proof
  2. Write share-worthy content
  3. Use Data graph
  4. A comprehensive example.
  5. Use action word
  6. Show benefits and social proof.

Warming Up

In the above post, I have tried all the proven methods which help you to increase your traffic quickly. 

If you implement all the methods correctly, it will surely benefit your site traffic.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Share the methods in the comment section which you implement and got better results.

And also share this useful article with your friends they are facing this problem.

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