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10 Steps To Write a Blog Post Make Attractive

write a blog post is not a peace of cake otherwise, nothing is difficult if you do any work with the right planning then it becomes very easy.

Writing on a topic is not a big deal, but when you write a post on your blog, you have to bear in mind many things in it.

Today I am going to tell you, how you can write SEO Friendly Blog Post on your blog.

For this, what should you consider, I will discuss all the things. Ready? Let’s get started.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post [Eagle View]

  • Planning and choose a topic that you want to write
  • Come up with a great title that is informative and easily understands by users
  • Research that makes quality content
  • Find a long-tail keyword that your post easily rank
  • Install some essential plugins that you can write better
  • Add catchy meta description that your visitors easily understand
  • Create Heading and Sub Headings it will help you to rank your post
  • Add a photo to describe your contents
  • Edit your blog post, make sure to avoid repetition
  • Share your post on social media

How To Write a blog post Step by Step

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write a blog post

Step 1: Choose a topic you wish to write: [write a blog post]

First of all, you have to decide whether you are writing a blog on your topic.

Because you can’t write a good article until you have an interest in it.

I mean to say is that you write a post on the topic that you are interested in and your depth on that topic so that you can easily explain it to your audience.

  • Find a Topic You’re Passionate About [How to write a blog post fast]

When you write your blog post, how attractive is your word in it so that the audience coming to your blog can engage.

You ought to choose a topic that builds your interest and enjoyment in writing that type of post for the long term.

You might be a little worried that there are so many blogs like yours, it doesn’t matter.

But how much you can show something on that topic so that your audience will be impressed and learn something new.

If you do so,  your competition definitely will be less than others that clears your blog path to rank in search engines.

  • Find a Topic You Like to Talk About

You always connected with your audience.

If they comment on your post or email you to discuss your post in further detail, be conscious of them.

Whenever your audience comments on your post or wants some information.

It makes it very easy for you to write a post on a particular topic that the audience wants.

This creates trust in the audience’s heart towards you.

when you write on a topic, at least keep in mind that if your audience asks something about that topic, then you can easily explain it.

Step 2: Come up with a great and attractive title:[SEO Friendly Blog Post]

The blog post title is the first and most important part of your post.

Audience deed to see the title of the post, should it click or not.

Viewers always see the title of the blog post and decide whether to read it or not,

so we should always chase this post title attractive.

  • Secrets About learn the popular headline formula’s

A lot of bloggers and marketers have created a formula with the help of which a sketch headline can be prepared and it is also very effective.

write blog post

With these strategies, you can create a great headline for your blog post.


  • Always keep in mind good headlines that you like

Every day you have to aspect headlines and titles, not only blog titles but newspaper titles, YouTube video titles, magazine titles.

You have to keep in mind all those headlines that you like.

With this, you get an idea to make a sketch headline.

And you can make the title of your blog post attractive like a magazine.

  • Find title generator on the internet

I told you how to implement the headline of the magazine and newspaper on your post title.

Now I am going to tell you another way, with the help of which you can prepare a sketch and attractive title.

On the Internet, you get many such websites with the help of which you can make your blog post title attractive.

Now let me tell you the name of some such website with the help of which you can generate the title of your post.

1. Tile generator

write blog post

This website is my precious website to generate blog post title because it provides 700 headlines idea in one click and it’s free.

2. HubSpot


write blog post

HubSpot is one of the most popular websites, some people will have an idea about it.

You can use the title generator tools of this website, there is no fee for this

Step 3. Research that makes quality content: [write blog post]


We have talked about how to suck the topic of your post and how to make the title of your post attractive.

Now it is turned, how to research your topics?

You cannot provide more beneficial content for your audience until you research your post.

It is necessary to research your post so that you can give quality to your post.

And there is a great possibility of increasing the engagement on your post.

Let us see what is how we can research before writing our post.

  • Find an authoritative website to collect information

Many bloggers take information from the wrong website and perform it on their posts.

It is not necessary that the website from which you have received the information is 100 percent correct.

Always explore information from a website that is an authority website or a government website.

From this, it will be that whatever you are writing in your post will be 100 percent correct and helpful for readers.

  • Research your topic in books or magazines

This is a very easy and effective way to research your post.

Always try to acquire information from the book because the information of the book is always practically based.

When you read about a topic in the book or magazines, you get a lot of benefits from it.

  1. Your writing skills will be improved and you have get an idea of how to write on any topic
  2. And second is your information will be 100 percent correct that you implement on your blog post
  • find your competitors on google search

Why I’m telling you, to find your competitors?

Because there are a lot of bloggers who have already written on the topic that you are going to write.

when you write any post on your blog you must have to keep in mind whose your competitors.

You will get an idea from your competitors that how that post is written, it will make it easier for you to write on that topic.

Step 4: Find a long-tail keyword that your post easily rank: [how to write a blog post]

We have so far learned how to search the topic of our posts, how to make attractive titles and how to research information for our posts.

Now it’s time to find a long tail keyword for your post.

Because the whole game rests on the keyword.

There are two types of keywords:

  • Short-tail keyword:

As the name suggests, the short tail keyword is a short keyword that is made up of three words or less.

Sometimes they are called head keyword or main keyword.

The short-tail keyword has a huge amount of search volume but the competition is very high.

Some example of Short tail keyword



Blogging platform


High search volume

High competitive rate

Low conversion rate

Broad search intent

  • Long-tail keyword:

As the name suggests, the long tail keyword is a long keyword that is made up of more than three words.

As the compersion of long-tail keyword is more specific than a short-tail keyword.

The long-tail keyword has low search volume as a comparison to short tail keyword but they have a low competitor

Long-tail keyword has more possibility to rank.

If you are completely new to blogging then you should always use long-tail keywords because its competition is very less.

The long-tail keyword makes it easy to find Google, which Directs show any website which is written about it.

For example:

How to write a blog post

what is SEO

how to find keyword 


Low search volume

Low competitive rate

High conversion rate

Specific search intent

Step 5: Install some essential plugins that you can write better

If you are blogging on WordPress then this is better for you because WordPress provides a lot of pluggings.

Here you can easily customize your blog, no coding is required.

You may need some plugins to make your post more attractive and to rank.

Here is some plugins name:

Yost SEO is one of the very powerful plugins that helps to rank your post easily.

The good thing about these plugins is that it is available both free and paid.

If you are new then you can use the free version. You will get a lot of features in it, which is very good for your start.

Some people may be having this question that how are these plugins beneficial in writing our posts?

The question is good. Writing a post is not a big deal.

How well you write it matters a lot. With the help of these plugins, you can write your blog post properly.


We know content is king, that’s why Yoast SEO is famous for its readability analysis and its SEO analysis.

Yoast SEO gives you:

  • To provide add keyword in your blog post [Good for SEO]
  • Provide to add meta description in your post [Good for SEO]
  • Analysis of your rideability score [Good for SEO]
  •  It gives you internal linking features to help you rank for the right keywords with the right pages
  • And more.


Optimole is the all-in-one solution to all of your image optimization needs.

With full automation and a range of evolutionary features,

Optimole makes it easy to clean up your heavy images and bloaty pages.


Optimole optimizes your images in real-time with a cloud-based system to speed up your website and deliver high-quality images perfectly sized for every device.

With a one-click setup and minimal footprint, you can start improving your site in minutes.

What makes Optimole so special?

  • Smaller images. Same quality
  • Fully automated; set and forget
  • Supports all image types
  • Supports both Retina and WebP images
  • Serves images from a global CDN for free
  • Optimizes based on the visitor’s actual device (no more guesswork and width estimations)
  • Full support for page builders like Elementor
  • Lazy load without jQuery (better)
  • A fully functional free version (we have paid plans as well)


Social media is powerful for getting your work noticed beyond your immediate network.

This plugin automatically publishes posts from your blog to your Social Media accounts.


write a blog post

The plugins support several social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and youtube.


With this plugin, you don’t need to manually choose the date when a post will be published.

After a simple configuration, the plugin will schedule your posts when you click publish.


Just configure days of the week, the number of posts each day and time interval you want posts to be auto-scheduled and each post will be automatically scheduled for these days with no more than the number you specified of posts per day.


Is your site being penalized because of old broken links?

Broken Link Checker scans every link on your website and tells you if the link has changed, is broken or no longer exists so you can fix it.

write a blog post


Broken links cause users to leave your site faster, slow down search bots,

lead to lowering where you show on search pages and can hurt your Google ranking.


  • Monitor – Set automated scans for your posts, pages, comments, blogroll and custom fields.
  • Detect – Find links that don’t work, missing images and redirects.
  • Report – Get notified when links are broken in the built-in Dashboard widget and through email.
  • Highlight – Configure posts to display broken links with a custom style.
  • Prevention – Stop search engines from following broken links.
  • Filter – search and filter links by URL, anchor text and more.
  • Quick Edit – Save time by editing links directly from the settings page, no need to manually visit each post.
  • Schedule – Set how often links are scanned and limit resource usage with highly customizable settings.


Step 6: Add catchy meta description

This is the most important part of your blog post.

The meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page’s content.

Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched-for phrase is within the description,

so optimizing the meta description is crucial for on-page SEO.

Meta Description Characteristics : [SEO Friendly Blog Post]

1. Up to 155 characters

Always try to ensure that the meta description does not exceed 155 characters.

If your meta description is more then 155 characters, then it will not show in Google.

Every now and then, Google changes its length. try to get crucial information in the first 155 characters of your meta description.


2. Actionable and written in an active voice

Always try to write a meta description in the active voice and actionable as well because the priority is to make them understand not to confuse them by using metaphor or advanced English.

                                                       Source: Yoast SEO


3. Including a call-to-action

It is a responsive facility you give to your customers so that they can get in touch with you just a click.

For example :

Learn moreGet it nowTry for free come in handy here.






4. Containing the focus keyword

Your focus keyword should be placed in your meta description. This helps in growing rank in google. Make sure you are using a focus keyword that has low competition and high volume.

It will score SEO rank as well.

6. Your Meta Description be Unique

Your meta description must always be unique. Always keep in mind that your meta description does not match someone else’s meta description.

If you put someone else’s meta description in your post, then maybe Google can punish you for this. So always be creative and use your own meta description after getting some keyword research.


Step 7. Create Heading and Sub Headings it will help you to rank your post

You must always add subheadings and headings to your post.

Heading and Sub Heading enhances the beauty of your post and also helps rank your posts.

This will make it very easy for you to write a post, you can explain well to your audience.

If you look through the SEO also, it is very important for you to add headings and sub-headings in your post.

Here are some steps to create Headings and Sub Headings

  • Steps 1: Firstly you have to create Headings ( H1) top of the post. [After the first paragraph]

                             When you write a post, you have to make heading 1 [H1] after the first paragraph. H1 should always be the title of the post.

  • Steps 2: Create Sub Headings after the headings ( H2, H3, H4, H5 )

                              After H1, all headings will under subheadings. You can create sub-headings inside every heading.

                             Always try to have more subheadings in your post, this will make it easier for you to rank your post and also to understand the audience.

  • Steps 3: Always try to add bullet lists in your post.


Step 8. Add a photo to describe your contents: [write a blog post]

This segment is a very powerfull segment of your blog. you have to add many more photos in your blog. It helps in ranking and also comes to the audience through photos.

When you add photos in your blog post audience can easily understand what you saying.

Sometimes images tell everything that you want to say so always keep in mind at least add ten or more photos in your blog.

Here is some copyright-free photo website:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Unsplash
  3. Pexel
  4. Freerange

These websites provide you copyright-free photos for your use. You can download the photo from here and add it to your blog. There will not be any issues regarding copyright content.

Here is some website that you can edit your photo:

  1. Canva
  2. PicMonkey
  3. Picktochart
  4. Venngage

These are online free image editor tools where you can use enough templates to design your photos and make attractive infographics which help in holding your visitors and make them think the website is far good as to think.

When you put an attractive photo on your blog, it increases the trust of your audience. 

Unless you give a good look at your content, the audience will not stop on your blog. 

So all these tools will help your blog post to become attractive.


Step 9. Edit your blog post, make sure to avoid repetition: [Write a blog post]


write a blog post

No one likes repetition in writing. not even you. Agree?

In fact, repetition in your article makes it quality low and boring so you really need to avoid repetition in order to hold your reader on keep reading. 

After writing the content, read it carefully and check the spelling and fluency of the post.

Before you publish your post, You must keep in mind all these things:

  • Read the entire post yourself at least two or three times.
  • Make sure do not repetition in your post.
  • Check all the headings properly [H1, H2, H3, H4.etc].
  • Check all images properly.
  • Check the all internal and external links of your blog post.


Step 10. Share your post on social media: [Write a blog post]


write a blog post

You’re in the age of the 21st century and you will know the power of Social Media. It has an instant influence on the world so make sure to share your every post, every content that is genuinely worth sharing on social engage platforms.

You have a great social surrounding around you. just see.

almost all of the crowd are online on platforms such as FB, Instagram, Whatsaap, YouTube, Quora. You just need to share your content on it and let people see your quality post.

If your engagement is less after sharing, you can go with paid advertisements.

Yes, it’s a better option.

Now, it’s all over. You’re ready to write content SEO helps in ranking high in google search.



So guys, If you read the post and go through each point then you know now how to write an SEO friendly blog article that is more important than anything else for a blog. If your article will be great, the great response you’ll receive from audience.

So, always remember – “Content is king.”

I’m hoping that this helps you get your points to write a helpful and SEO scored blog article. And have still any issue, just comment me  – I’ll respond ASAP.

A tiny request to Share the post on social media networks if you think it worth it.



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